Several videos are available below for Open, Limited, and Production Division stages at various Section, Area, and National level matches, as well as some 3 Gun match videos.  These videos are fairly old.  I apologize for not keeping more current video posted on the website.

Scoring Overview:  For visitors that are not familiar with IPSC/USPSA competitive shooting, I wanted to provide a brief overview of the scoring methodology.  Points are acquired based on the location of the hits on the target.  Center of target hits are worth more points than perimeter area hits.  Each brown paper target, whether moving or static, must generally be engaged with two rounds and steel targets must fall to score.  White paper targets are "no shoot" targets and incur penalty points if hit.  Any black areas on brown targets are considered hard cover and are non-scoring areas.  Your overall score on a stage is the result of the points scored on the targets divided by the time it took to complete the course of fire.  Therefore, time has a major influence on your overall score.   To be successful competitively, you need to shoot 95% of the total number of points available, and do so as quickly as possible.