Guga Ribas Magazine Pouch
  • Guga Ribas Magazine Pouch
  • Guga Ribas Magazine Pouch
  • Guga Ribas Magazine Pouch

Guga Ribas Magazine Pouch


The GR V1 Magazine Pouch is made of Radilon™ nylon reinforced with fiberglass, which gives the product great durability. The GR V1 magazine pouch is designed to be more practical for the shooter during the competition and is universal, ambidextrous and multi-adjustable. The main feature of the GR V1 is it's versatility, with an adapter kit for single stack or smaller diameter magazines. It also has positioning adjustments in any direction or angle, including height in relation to the belt. Another unique characteristic of the product is that it can be loosened and removed from the belt without losing any of its adjustments, so that the shooter finds that carrying the equipment is easier and more comfortable. It is possible to dismantle and put away in less than a minute, and it takes up less room in the range bag.

Comes with a lifetime warranty which covers manufacturing defects!

Available in black, white, red, blue, yellow, and gray. Price is $45.

Also available are two magnetic add-ons. One is a magnet that attaches directly to the belt. The magnet can be easily and quickly removed from the belt bracket when not needed by means of a tension wheel that secures the magnet to the belt bracket. Available in black, blue, red, and white. Price is $40.

The second option is a magnet strap that attaches to the GR mag pouch. This option allows you to carry a second magazine on one pouch. Strap color is black. See photos for more clarification. Price is $49. 

Click the video link for a neat video of the mag pouches and other GR products in action.


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