DAA Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • DAA Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • DAA Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • DAA Adjustable Thumb Rest

DAA Adjustable Thumb Rest


These thumb rests are gun parts and cannot be shipped outside the U.S.

The DAA Adjustable Thumb Rest allows you to do what no other does – to adjust both the angle and the position of your thumb rest with just a turn of a screw!

The benefits of mounting a thumb rest on the pistol are well-known and many top shooters choose to use one on their competition guns. This is not the narrow IPSC standard style rest, but as long as the box restrictions are met, these are legal for both Open and Standard divisions.

The biggest problem, however, is deciding where exactly to mount the thumb rest and what angle best suits your shooting grip. Once mounted, most thumb rests are difficult or impossible to re-position, as the screw holes are already drilled into the frame. But why should you be limited to the elevation angle decided on by one manufacturer or another? No longer! You can now adjust your thumb rest as you like, experiment, and readjust as often as needed. Our original unique design allows for unlimited adjustments within a range of about half an inch, and these adjustments can be done without removing the thumb rest from the frame. You can adjust the paddle even as the base remains locked in place.

The DAA Adjustable Thumb Rest has a three-hole pattern designed to be a “drop on” fit to the C-More pattern (1st and 3rd hole) as well as to the Tanfoglio screw pattern (2nd and 3rd hole). Precision machined from hi-grade aluminum with stainless steel screws and nut, the DAA Adjustable Thumb Rest is available for right hand shooters with either a Light Grey or Black hard-anodized finish.


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