Arken EP-8 1-8 LPVO

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The LPVO has long since earned its place, bridging the gap from holographic/ red-dot types to high magnification optics not traditionally well suited in CQC situations. With ever increasing capability, the LPVO has become a staple allowing tactical teams and competitive shooters to get the most out of any particular member, instantly. The EP8 1-8’s thin edges and wide file of view make this true 1X scope perfect for close quarters. A quick throw of the incorporated throw lever to 8X increases your effective range quickly. The most common complaint about previous Arken models was the illumination was not daytime visible. That problem has been corrected in the EP series scope line as the reticle is daytime visible.

Reticle Details – This incredibly intuitive, patent pending BDC FFP (front focal plane) reticle was designed to increase effectiveness under high stress environments. The FFP design provides the benefit of two reticles in a “best of both worlds” scenario. At lower power, the dot in a circle reticle provides fast acquisition for close quarters engagements.

As you change magnification to the higher powers, the dot in a circle is magnified outside the viewing area of the scope and the new Arken reticle known as the KL Box (‘KL’= ‘Known Length’. Pronounced: “KILL BOX”) reticle is visible for longer range shots. ‘Frame and Fire!” – By framing a silhouette target in the appropriate KL box, the user is able to rapidly identify distance by simultaneously using shoulder width and torso height to calculate point of aim. Extending diagonally below the centerline, yardage markers from 400 to 800 yards are shown for general reference with a small dot on each side to correspond with wind holds at each yardage. This reticle can be used with both 5.56 and 7.62 loads with yardage/bullet drop examples provided in the user manual available online.

With combat effectiveness in mind, this reticle allows for easy interpolation for any distance within the intended operational limits of a 1-8 allowing the user to acquire and process information faster and put effective rounds down range.

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