3 Gun Competition Complete Belt Rig

3 Gun Competition Complete Belt Rig

Our 3 Gun Competition Belt Rig gives you the modular capability and flexibility the Safariland ELS system offers, but gives you a better belt. A stiff belt is a must to secure the weight of the equipment, pistol, and ammo needed for 3 gun competition. The Safarland ELS belt is just not as stiff and stable as a CR Speed belt when loaded down with gear. Our complete rig gives you stability and strength combined with the flexibility and convenience of a modular system. 

Our competition rig allows you to easily configure the equipment on your belt specific to each three gun stage you encounter.  Why hump those shotshell carriers around if you're not even using the shotgun on that stage? Why carry that heavy handgun on an all shotgun stage?

A basic rig shipped runs $535. This includes CR Speed inner and outer belt, Arrendondo hard buckle, Ready Tactical Hawk 3 gun holster with your choice of Safariland QLS, G-Code, or Blade Tech TMMS attachments, eight Safariland ELS 35 receiver plates installed on the belt, two pistol mag pouches, one rifle mag pouch, and one Invictus 2.8 shotshell carrier; all with ELS 34 forks installed. 

Additional pistol and rifle mag pouches, or shotshell carriers can be added. Taccom or other models of Invictus shotshell carriers can also be substituted for Invictus 2.8 carriers.

Note: our 3 Gun Competition Rig is built to order. Returns or exchanges are not available once we drill the belt. For this reason, we will contact you for a measurement which allows us to determine the correct belt size you need. 

We also offer just the 3 Gun competition belt with ELS 35 brackets installed if you don't want the whole rig.  Click here for the link to that product.