Black Scorpion Master Pro Holster

Black Scorpion Master Pro Holster

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Black Scorpion is the new line of competitive shooting products first showcased at World Shoot XVII. Endorsed and used by Manny Bragg, Shannon Smith, and Shane Coley.

The Master Pro Scorpion Black Scorpion Holster is a compact size, fully adjustable competition speed holster; one of the best speed holsters on the market today. The smoothest and most unobstructed draw makes the Master Pro the fastest speed holster available. These are right hand holsters for STI/SV 2011 style guns.

The Master Pro Scorpion USPSA Holster by Black Scorpion is a versatile holster, easy to adjust to the users preference. The main block is made of a revolutionary polymer delrin, CNC machined, finished and assembled in the USA.

The cocking mechanism of the Master Pro Scorpion USPSA Holster provides the shooter with three selection positions. One position allows the user to walk around freely with the pistol in the fully locked position. The second position has the weapon ready in a locked, but easily accessible position for unlocking and drawing in a simple flow oriented move. The third position is fully unlocked, which will still hold the pistol in place allowing for only a willful draw and impeding forward accidental release.
Once the shooter is on the firing line and the holster is placed in the fully released position, the Master Pro Scorpion USPSA Holster will provide the freedom necessary for the shooter to perform a safe, but quick, draw. Price is $139.99.