Burris MTAC 30 Scope/Mount Package

Burris MTAC 30 Scope/Mount Package

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This is a great scope package for 3 gun competition or tactical applications. The big improvements in the MTAC30 compared to the older TAC30 scope is the improved illumination switch, and most importantly, only the adjustment ring, not the whole eyepiece, turns when you change magnification power settings. These scopes feature 30mm 6061T6 aircraft aluminum tubes, multi-coated lenses for a clear view, and Burris' forever warranty. Adjustments are 1/2" at 100 yards and feature a steel on steel mechanism with positive, audible, repeatable clicks. The reticle (shown above) is illuminated and has ten power settings with an off setting in between each power setting. Documentation is provided with the range of each BDC dot for all popular 5.56/.223 bullet weights. Don't forget your Switchview Throw Lever or the 3 Gun Stuff throw lever and Scopecoat modified for the throw levers. 

This package includes the Burris standard (non QD) PEPR mount, Switchview throw lever, and slotted scopecoat. The scope is already mounted. All you have to do is screw the mount to your AR and go shoot! Price for the package is $475, a $85 savings over the price of the items if purchased individually.

The CPWSA review of the Burris MTAC 30 scope and PEPR mount.  Instead of continuing to answer questions about this scope on the phone, I decided to put a review here to save some time.  While I don't have enough time with the scope and mount for a long term evaluation, I currently think this is a great scope/mount combo for the money.  I have one on a patrol rifle and have been impressed with both the scope and the mount.  The mount is very sturdy and well built.  To give you some idea of my basis for comparison, I replaced a LaRue Tactical LT104 mount and Trijicon TR24 scope with the Burris MTAC 30 and Burris PEPR mount.  At this point, the biggest difference in the two is the Burris combo is about $650 cheaper than the Trijicon and LaRue combo.  For LE or tactical applications, I would have to know my holdovers with the TR 24 at 25 yards to make a hostage rescue shot; and while that isn't a big deal, I much prefer knowing I simply need to use the 400 yard dot on the Burris reticle to hit a dime every time at 25 yards.  A precise aiming reference isn't a bad thing as compared to a "guesstimated" holdover.  From a competition standpoint, I really like the reticle on the MTAC for long range shots.  The dots are large enough on flash targets at long range to make good hits, but not so large as to obscure the target.  The only thing that takes some getting used to in my opinion is using the 600 yard "dot", which is the circular cutout in the large red outer ring.  I like the large outer ring for both competition and tactical applications as that becomes your aiming reference in a CQB scenario or house clearing stage instead of the small center dot.  The illumination is not truly daytime visible and I would compare it exactly to what is offered on the U.S. Optics scopes.  Documentation provides mil and inch dimensions on every dot, bar, and circle in the reticle, which allows for size estimations or ranging if necessary. 

Review Update:  I've decided this is the best $400 3-gun competition scope available.  I've got a good deal of time with the scope now and really like this thing.  On a 16" barrel AR15, the yardage dots in the scope are dead on out to 500 yards with XM193 ammo.  It doesn't get any easier, or better than that. For 450 yard shots, simply center the plate between the 400 and 500 yard dots.   I've not had a chance to check the 600 yard dot yet to verify it's correct, but if I was a bettin' man..........

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