Coda Evolution Fury Titanium Compensator

Coda Evolution Fury Titanium Compensator

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This is the new titanium comp from Coda Evolution. The design challenge Coda Evolution faced was to create the lightest, flattest shooting compensator on the market. It had to keep the muzzle dead-flat with no movement upwards, downwards, or side-to-side.

Coda didn't design the Fury with computer simulations and gimmicks. They went through 37 designs, 6 months of trial and error, and hundreds of hours on the range. They tested in real world situations with real weapons and real shooters until they had the flattest comp ever designed. 

High-Grade 5 6Al-4V Titanium has some pretty serious advantages over traditional steel. It's 45% lighter than steel. Withstands much more heat than steel (3300°F for Ti vs. 2,700°F for steel). Titanium is anti-corrosive and non-magnetic.

Proudly made in the U.S.A. Available for .223/5.56mm AR15 or 9mm AR. Standard 1/2 x 28 threads on both. Available in a hybrid finish (which features areas of matte and polished finish) for $120 or a neat flame anodized finish for $140. Includes stainless steel crush washer.

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Weight:  2.1 oz / 60 g

Outer diameter:  0.95 inches / 21.1 mm

Length:  2.49 inches / 63.2 mm

Material:  Compensator - Grade 5 6 Al-4V Titanium Crush Washer - milled stainless steel