Coda Evolution Lightning Carbon Fiber Handguard

Coda Evolution Lightning Carbon Fiber Handguard

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The design challenge Coda Evolution faced was to create the lightest and narrowest handguard on the market while keeping the sturdiness and versatility of a standard aluminum handguard. They were able to achieve this and more…

Introducing the Coda Evolution Lightning handguard. Currently available in 15" length with more lengths available soon.

Designed from the ground up and proudly built in the U.S.A., the Coda Evolution engineering team developed a unique carbon fiber mold that has both looks and features.

Light as a feather yet strong as an ox, this handguard features a revolutionary anti-rotation system using the Coda Evolution proprietary barrel nut and trunnion. 

This means for you, it is dead easy to install, no timing the gas block, and the free float system will mean better accuracy.

Weighing a mere 207 grams / 7.3 oz this advanced handguard offers unparalleled heat suppression and with M-lok on all 8 sides you won’t find yourself limited on where to put your favorite gear. 

Nothing beats carbon fiber for strength and now you can have the best and look good doing it.

Click the video link for an overview of the handguard.