Comp-Tac Belt Feed Magazine Pouch

Comp-Tac Belt Feed Magazine Pouch

Comp-Tac holsters were the most popular holster at the IDPA Nationals for the last 3 years.  44% of competitors at the Nationals used Comp-Tac holsters and 25% of those said they also used Comp-Tac as their primary CCW holster.

The Belt feed Magazine Pouch is the closest option to having a belt fed pistol. The Comp-Tac Belt Feed magazine pouch keeps four magazine reloads on hand while minimizing the amount of space taken up on your belt. The staggered positioning of the pouches allows you to get a proper grip on every magazine, indexing your first finger on the nose of the bullet to keep your reloads smooth.

As with all Comp-Tac Magazine Pouches, each pouch has individual tension adjustment.

Comp-Tac makes our magazine pouches to hold the magazines with BULLETS FACING FORWARD. The pouches offered here are for 1.5" belts, right hand shooters, which means the pouches are worn on the left side of the body.

The Belt Feed in legal in USPSA Competitive Shooting Organization but is NOT legal for IDPA.