Guga Ribas Belt

Guga Ribas Belt

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GR belts are now available with yellow piping! Add a bit of flash with these new black belts with yellow piping on the top and bottom edges of both the inner and outer belt for a really great look.

In a competition, attention to detail is extremely important for the Practical Shooting athlete’s performance. The Guga Ribas belt was designed with this in mind. This is a complete inner and outer belt system.

The belt is 1.5" wide and has an inner light steel structure lined in nylon. This makes the belt system less bulky and more comfortable. The GR belt is without a doubt, the stiffest belt available. This structure withstands the weight of the pistol, mag pouches, shotshell carriers and other accessories to guarantee stability.

The Guga Ribas belt does not work with CR Speed mag pouches or other accessories that have a belt bracket that cannot be separated and attached to the belt. This belt would be great for 3 Gun competition if you mount Safariland ELS/QLS or other quick attach type receptacles to it due to the inner reinforcement of this belt.

The Guga Ribas holster and magazine pouch can be easily fitted or removed from the belt, maintaining all adjustments and positions. This capability allows the shooter to store the equipment in less space in the range bag.

Sizing notes:  due to the stiffness of the GR belt system, the belt feels secure even when it's not firmly in place around the shooter's waist. The sizing chart below assumes a relatively tight fit of the inner and outer belt around the shooter's waist as opposed to a looser fit.

Due to the extra equipment used in 3 gun competition, if you have a waist size larger than 34", we recommend that you order the next larger size belt. Every piece of gear placed on the outer belt spaces the outer belt further away from the inner belt and decreases the amount of overlap.

Here's the sizing chart for OBL (Overall Belt Length): 

  • 28-30" waist uses a 37" OBL
  • 30-32" waist uses a 40" OBL 
  • 34-36" waist uses a 43" OBL 
  • 36-40" waist uses a 47" OBL 
  • 40-44" waist uses a 51" OBL
  • 44-48" waist uses a 55" OBL

Available in black. Price is $58.

Click the video link for a neat video of the GR products in action.