Guga Ribas C-More Scope Protector

Guga Ribas C-More Scope Protector

Guga Ribas is once again innovating for the shooter. Now there is no reason to lose time because of the sun's brightness or glare preventing you from clearly seeing the dot on your C-More. 

With this C-More scope protector, you won’t have to be worried about that day when the sun is right in your face. Clips on the C-More and can be used with or without the included blast shield. Doubles as a scope protector to help prevent damage to your C-More lens as well.

** Does not work with the STS or RTS model.

** On some of the aluminum or tactical model C-Mores, the part of the sight that houses the lens is a bit wider so it may be necessary to widen the slot in the scope protector for a proper fit.

Comes in black, white, red, gray, and yellow.  Price is $39.

The GR Scope Protector fits the following C-more systems:

- serendipity
- railway
- scout
- slideride
- tactical

Click the video link for a neat video of the backpack and other GR products in action.