Guga Ribas IPSC Rig

Guga Ribas IPSC Rig

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Now you can buy the whole rig and save a few bucks!

Includes RH or LH Guga Ribas holster, competition belt, four V1 magazine pouches and one V1 magnetic strap in your choice of colors. You can even mix and match colors if you want. 

After you've ordered your rig we will contact you for specifics on belt size and mag pouch colors.

The Guga Ribas holster is the one holster that works with all your guns. This holster is the union of versatility, speed, quality, and safety. Works with STI/SV/2011, Glocks, M&P, XD as well as HK, Walther, FNH, and Sig. Comes with a lifetime warranty which covers manufacturing defects!

The belt is an inner/outer belt system with steel reinforcement for strength and durability.

Note: international priority mail shipments require two shipments due to weight maximums per box. Add the "International Shipping Upcharge" product to your shopping cart in addition to the Guga Ribas IPSC Rig if you want us to ship outside the U.S.  

Price is $454.

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