Invictus Practical DeTurk Vest

Invictus Practical DeTurk Vest

All our vests have the new injection molded clips.

Invictus Practical teamed up with 3 gun shooter Dean DeTurk to develop this unique chest-mounted shotshell platform.  Combines the lightweight stability and flexibility of Dean's Kydex backer plate with the proven performance of Invictus Practical shotshell loaders to create the perfect platform to Quad-Load or Load-Two from the chest.  The DeTurk Vest sets the new standard for chest-mounted performance and value.

Available for 12 gauge shells in 20 or 28 round models.  Each model comes with the flexible kydex backer which conforms to your chest as you tighten the nylon web belt which is included.  

The Q x 20 Lite model holds 20 rounds and measures only 10.5" by 5" high.  Price is $159.50.

The Q x 28 model holds 28 rounds and measures only 15" wide by 5" high.  Price is $199.95.