Magpacker Magazine Loader

Magpacker Magazine Loader

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The Magpacker is the easiest and fastest AR15 magazine speed loader available. Magpacker magazine speed loaders are patent pending firearm accessories made of high strength polymer. The Magpacker magazine speed loader is the fastest and the smoothest magazine speed loader on the market and manufactured exclusively in the USA.

The Magpacker Polymer AR-15 Speed Loader is the smallest, smoothest, and fastest speed loader on the market. This Magpacker model quickly & easily loads most AR-15 magazines and was created to accommodate a wide range of AR-15 magazines.

Works with .223, 5.56 and 300 Blackout rounds in magazines of 10, 20, 30, and 40 round capacity. This Magpacker also works perfectly with Ruger Mini-14 magazines up to 40 rounds and can be used with magazines that have a ranger plate. The Magpacker AR-15 Polymer series also works with the H&K 416 and H&K 93. 

Save your thumbs from the wear and tear that comes from loading multiple magazines. Because we let the Magpacker speed loader do all of the work, our products are great for continued reloading in the field, the shooting range, or the armory where loaded magazines can run out quickly. Built to last and will continue to function round after round for years to come.

So how does a Magpacker magazine speed loader work? It's actually really simple... First, load your empty magazine into the Magpacker. Next, dump your rounds into our convenient ammo tray, and then line them up in our exclusive ammo lock channels. Finally, hold the magazine in place while pushing the guide block toward the magazine, and that's it. All of your rounds are loaded effortlessly in just a few seconds. No more bruised and aching thumbs and hands. This makes our magazine speed loaders especially helpful for those with arthritis or disabilities. Price is $49.99.

Here's a short video showing just how well and easily the Magpacker works: