Proctor Offset/Ready Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch

Proctor Offset/Ready Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch

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We are pleased to offer Frank Proctor's products. Frank has 18 years of military experience, with 11 of those years in Special Forces as an operator and instructor. Frank is also a Grand Master USPSA Limited Division competitor. He relied heavily on his experience as a combat and competitive shooter when designing his products.

The following is a direct quote from Frank: "These are the only Mag Pouches I have used for years now. They work great! I prefer these OFFSET mag pouches for combat and competition carry. These are also legal for USPSA production, limited, limited 10, single stack and open divisions. I shoot several different pistols, and I wanted 1 sized mag pouch that would work well with different sized magazines so I would not have to buy mag pouches for every gun I own. Ready Tactical answered my need with these mag pouches." 

For our customers who are already aware of the Ready Tactical product line, the Frank Proctor offset would be best described as a "half offset" with about 1/2" of offset as compared to the 3/4" of offset the RT offset mag pouch has.

This right hand mag pouch fits the following magazines: Glock 9mm/.40, M&P 9mm/.40, HK USP compact 9mm/.40, HK P30 9mm/.40, FNS 9mm/.40, FNX 9mm/.40. Fits 1.5" belt.

Here's a couple of pics comparing the offset difference between the RT standard mag pouch, Proctor offset mag pouch, and RT offset mag pouch.