Proctor/Ready Tactical Holster Mount

Proctor/Ready Tactical Holster Mount

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We are pleased to offer Frank Proctor's products. Frank has 18 years of military experience, with 11 of those years in Special Forces as an operator and instructor. Frank is also a Grand Master USPSA Limited Division competitor. He relied heavily on his experience as a combat and competitive shooter when designing his products.

These Frank Proctor designed holster mounts manufactured by Ready Tactical for Blade-Tech/G-Code, or Safariland ALS holsters put your holster in a better position and make it much easier to get the gun into operation. This holster mount will allow the Safariland holsters to ride straight up and down.


A spacer is provided with the Safariland mounts that will be needed to allow proper clearance for the security mechanisms on Level 2 and Level 3 holsters.

Blade-Tech/G-Code holster mounts are ambi and compatible for right-hand or left-hand holsters. Safariland mount is right hand or left hand specific.

The G-Code hole pattern on the Proctor holster mount is for the RTI 35 and 39 bracket, which was used on the GSH series of holsters.

The G-Code RTI 32 and 33 bracket, which was used on the XST, OSH and LH SOC holsters will not fit this holster mount. The hole pattern is different.

(Blade-Tech holster mount is pictured on the left. Safariland mount is pictured on the right)