Proctor Square Notch Sights for Glock Pistols

Proctor Square Notch Sights for Glock Pistols

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We are pleased to offer Frank Proctor's Way of the Gun products.  Frank has 18 years of military experience, with 11 of those years in Special Forces as an operator and instructor. Frank is also a Grand Master USPSA Limited Division competitor.  He relied heavily on his experience as a combat and competitive shooter when designing his products.

The Proctor Square Notch Pistol Sights are an improvement to standard pistol sights. The Square Notch is shallower than conventional rear notches allowing for less room for sight mis-alignment error. The notch is .125 deep and .100 wide. These are sight sets, and include a .180 tall by .117 wide fiber optic front sight. Designed to be POA=POI for all small frame Glocks with the exception of the 17L and 24.


Price is $79.

Don't forget that we offer a sight installation service for Glock sights.