Ready Tactical Duty Belt Gear

Ready Tactical Duty Belt Gear

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Need to save some belt space on your duty belt?  Then opt for Ready Tactical duty belt gear.  These are solid loop type pouches and work with duty belts up to 2.5" wide.  In stock offerings are as follows:

Glock 9/40 Duty Belt Magazine Pouch - Measures only 1.5" wide so you can carry 3 mags, or 2 mags and a flashlight, in the same belt space as a standard Safariland dual mag pouch would take up.   

Glock 9/40 A.S.P. - based on our competition Ambi Speed Pouch but modified for duty belt use.  Turns the bullet nose outward and takes up even less belt space.  As picture shows, you can get two mags on about 2.5" of belt.

Surefire 6P Style Flashlight Pouch -  fits most other model lights that have 1.275" size bezels.   

Price on all duty belt magazine and light pouches is $23.95 with LE discount.