Ready Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch

Ready Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch

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Ready Tactical Mag Pouch - features 1.5" belt claw, which can be threaded onto the belt, or installed/removed without removing belt. Available for STI, Glock, S&W M&P and M&P Pro, M&P Shield, Springfield XD/Beretta/Sig, CZ 9/40 including the SP01, Springfield XDM, Caspian, EAA, and 1911 pistols in right and left hand models. These mag pouches take up less real estate on the belt. That's a huge benefit for single stack and production shooters to prevent having pouches wrapping all the way around behind your back. All pistol mag pouches are $22.95.

If you're a right handed shooter, order the RH mag pouch which you wear on the left side of the body.

We also stock offset mag pouches for Glock, STI, and 1911 magazines.    These are great for shooters who are a bit thick around the middle, female shooters, or anyone who wants the basepad end of the mag to set further away from the body. The offset pouch sets the end of the magazine 3/4" further away from the body than the standard magazine.  Note in the order form comments if you want offset pouches for something other than what we normally stock, as we can custom build them for other applications. 

Here's a picture of the offset mag pouch:


The Springfield XD model pouches will not work with XDM magazines, so be sure to order either XDM or XD pouches depending on your gun type. Also note, the XD and XDM pouches are for 9 and .40 guns, .45 mags will not fit in them. If you want .45 mag pouches, we'll need to special order those.

Our Glock 45/10mm mag pouches work for all Glock 45s and 10mm, including the model 41 and the 21SF and 30SF models.

The CZ 9/40 pouch does not fit the Tanfoglio wide frame Stock III mags.

The M&P mag pouch also fits the H&K USP Compact, H&K 2000, and H&K P30.