Ready Tactical IDPA Holster

Ready Tactical IDPA Holster

All Ready Tactical IDPA holsters are now available mounted to a Blade Tech Tek Lok or Comp-Tac PLM bracket instead of having the belt loop molded into the holster.  If you want this option, simply order the holster for your firearm of choice, then add the $20 Tek Lok or PLM modification as a second item.

We can also add any degree of cant or rake to the holster with the Tek Lok/PLM modification at no extra charge. This is a popular option for shooters who have a few extra pounds around the middle. 

Custom built kydex holster with 1.5" belt loop, front sight channel relief, and fully adjustable for tension. Approved for IDPA competition.  Also great for everyday carry and 3 gun competition. 


The holster used in the pic showing the front view of the holster with the Teklok bracket is not an IDPA holster, as it does not have the speed cut. That pic simply shows the relationship of the Tek Lok bracket to the holster.

DOH model holsters are IDPA legal for female shooters.  

The XD holster will work for the 9mm, .40 and .45 gun is made for the 5" Tactical model.  It will work with the 4" gun as well.  

The M&P Pro/L holster is different than the holster for the standard M&P.  The M&P holsters we stock will not work with the Shield, but those can be built on request.

We have Ready Tactical holsters for FNH guns in all models.  Click here to see those.