Recon Medical Tourniquet

Recon Medical Tourniquet

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Hemorrhaging is the leading cause of preventable death in tactical and non-tactical trauma situations. Research has shown the fast application of a tourniquet to be 100% effective in quickly stopping arterial blood flow in the shortest application time, saving life and limb.

Add one or more to home emergency kits, cars, backpacks, motorcycles, range bag, construction belt, or carried on your person for immediate use.

Features aluminum windlass for strength. Patent pending finger hole strap designed for better grip in mud, blood, or wet weather. No-curl tip resists pealing when at the extent of its length on large patients. One handed design for self-application. Time stamp record windlass retention strap. UV protectant storage bag is provided for long term storage if needed. Lifetime guarantee.

These are genuine Recon Medical tourniquets and not cheap knockoffs. Your package will include it's own warranty/guarantee/authentication card.

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