Switchview Throw Lever 1444SV

Switchview Throw Lever 1444SV

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MGM Switchview™ magnification adjustment throw lever - model 1444SV2
NightForce NXS Compact NSX Compact 1-4, 2.5-10 model scopes. - Please note: This lever does NOT fit full size NXS model scopes.
Other scopes with similar dimensions.
Specs: Lever length: .880”.
Ring diameter 1.444" not including dimensions for the scope's index nub if present.
The throw lever needs .210" of clearance between the scope body and the nearest object for proper operation.
Color: Anodized Flat Black.

MGM Switchview™ Scope Throw Levers - the low profile throw lever popular with 3 gunners, and for good reason.  The MGM Switchview™ lever requires a certain amount of clearance between the scope body and the nearest object for proper operation.  If you have super low rings this may be an issue.   Please measure carefully before ordering. The Switchview™ lever comes in flat black and is available for a variety of scope models.

The first four digits of the model number correspond to the diameter of the throw lever.  For example, the 1290SV has a diameter of 1.290".  If you aren't sure a throw lever is made specifically for your scope, you can measure the diameter of your throw ring and find the lever that will work with your scope.  Usually you're looking for a lever diameter that's just a bit smaller than your scope ring diameter.

Here's the link to Switchview's throw lever compatibility chart.