TacCom Charge Handle

TacCom Charge Handle

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Due to our inability to restock, we will be discontinuing the TacCom line of products.

Fits Benelli M1/M2/M3/SBE/SBE2 shotguns as well as the Remington VersaMax Shotguns, Franchi Intensity/Affenity, and Stoeger M2000​.

Now available in two sizes.

  • MEDIUM: Same length as the factory charge handle .750 dia. Price is $21.95.
  • LARGE: 1/4" longer than factory charge handle .750 dia. Price is $21.95

Increased and knurled surface area for a more controlled and rapid charging of your weapon.....no increase in weight!

Will not get in the way of reloading......same length as the factory bolt handle. Both the small and medium charge handle are the same length as the factory handle.