TacCom Ultra LW 9mm PCC Recoil System

TacCom Ultra LW 9mm PCC Recoil System

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We’ve come thru with what will be the ultimate recoil system for the 9mm carbine!! A very robust system that will allow you to custom tune with the spare parts you probably already have. Designed to be installed as is and be a smooth operating recoil system, fast, soft and reliable. You can swap out the 1.5 front buffer for a standard carbine buffer if you feel the need for a little more weight and/or swap out the TACCOM rifle spring for a carbine spring if you feel you need less preload. This system will even work with the 308 carbine spring or the David Tubbs flat wire AR15 recoil spring. 

As blow back systems are all about moving weight and spring pre-load, with this system we went with a lighter buffer and a little bit heavier pre-load on the spring so that at the end of the recoil stroke you get a softer impulse. Upon return and back into battery will also feel softer due to less mass. What this all means if that your dot will be more likely to stay on target than with a heavier moving mass and heavy spring. 

You can swap out items with the following components to individually tune your carbine if you wish:

  • AR15 Carbine buffer
  • AR15 Carbine buffer spring
  • AR10 308 Carbine buffer spring
  • David Tubbs Flat wire Recoil Spring

Price is $35.95.