Taylor Freelance Glock +12 Basepad

Taylor Freelance Glock +12 Basepad

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This updated 170mm basepad offers up to +12 and is optimized for 9mm. Gives 9mm "open gun" drivers a chance to load 29+1 in most cases, but could vary depending on the particulars of your magazine/follower combination.

We've also re-profiled the interior to better accommodate the new "chisel-point" followers.

Legal for USPSA open division. Available in black delrin for $49.95 or black or red anodized aluminum for $59.95.

This 9mm version will work with the .40, but is finicky about bullet profile.

Ships with a custom-made Wolff spring.

Note: These basepads will not work with older non-metal lined magazines and they only work with Glock manufactured magazines.