Taylor Freelance Canik +4 Basepad

Taylor Freelance Canik +4 Basepad

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Canik handguns are coming on strong in the competition world. They've developed a small but intense following thanks to it's low bore axis, well-thought-out controls, good-quality magazines, and low purchase price.

Where most guns on the market require a little bit of tweaking and the addition of a few aftermarket parts, the Canik ships with a good trigger and bolt-on extended controls in the box.

These basepads provide 22+1 capacity. Legal for USPSA/3-Gun competition (meets 140mm limit). Works with stock magazine spring. CNC Machined in the US from bar stock.

Add a Grams Engineering spring/follower to get +5 capacity. Use the CZ small-frame Mec-Gar magazine Grams part #FKCMG-11 available here.