Taylor Freelance CZ Basepad

Taylor Freelance CZ Basepad

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Extended basepads for the popular CZ handguns. Two models available.

Model 1: +2.5 for the CZ "Standard IPSC" and "Tactical Sport" (not for the standard-frame CZ75, CZ85, or CZSP01). Provides +2 or +3 rounds, depending on which follower you're using. Legal for USPSA Limited division. Works with stock magazine spring (not supplied). Price is $29.95.

Model 2: +5 in 9mm or +4 in .40 for the CZ 75B, SP01, and Grand Power. Includes extra length spring. Legal for USPSA Limited division. Note the white accent on the "TF" in the pic is only visible to show the logo inlet. The basepad is all black. Price is $39.95.

Now available: pair your CZ basepad with the CZ follower/spring kit from Grams Engineering. Click here.