Taylor Freelance Glock 41+1 Mag Kit

Taylor Freelance Glock 41+1 Mag Kit

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This is the go-to magazine extension for the popular new PCC competitions. Add these kits to 9mm Glock 31 round mags and get 41+1 capacity. All kits include the necessary longer spring to ensure reliability. These are 9mm specific kits and will not work with .40 caliber mags. Available in black delrin, or red or NRA blue anodized aluminum. Price is $59.95 for the red/blue aluminum kit and $49.95 for the black delrin kit.

Notes - these kits will not work with older non-metal lined magazines.

             -  these kits only work on Glock manufactured mags.

             - maximum OAL for ammo is 1.125 when using these kits.