Warren/Sevigny Front Sights for Glock

Warren/Sevigny Front Sights for Glock

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At customer request, we have added the .185 tall fronts to our offerings.

There is no difference in the front sight used for Warren Tactical or Sevigny rear sights.  All options of separate front sights are available here.  .125 wide serrated fronts are $28, .115 wide serrated fronts are $30, fiber optic fronts are $40, and tritium fronts are $52.  

As a reminder, all Glock model Warren Tactical and Sevigny sights are designed for a twenty yard point of aim/point of impact. 

Warren Tactical's recommendation is to use the .245 tall front with the Glock 24, 34, 35, and other long slide guns and the .215 tall front for all other Glock models, when mated with a Warren or Sevigny rear. 

You can't use a Warren/Sevingy .215 or .245 front with a factory Glock rear sight. 

Warren/Sevigny front sights DO NOT extend beyond the slide cut-out on model 34 or 35 pistols.