3-Gun Modular Competition Belt


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This is a 3 Gun Modular Competition Belt for a right-handed shooter set up on a Double Alpha Academy premium 40″ gray belt. DAA belts have the overlap built into them, so if your waist measures 39″ to 41″ then this belt will fit you nicely. Includes inner belt and DAA belt keeper.

Price is $240 and includes priority mail shipping anywhere in the U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

We also have some various Glock and FNH holsters and mag pouches with QLS and ELS forks installed at a additional cost if you want a turn-key package.

Our 3 Gun Competition Belt gives you the modular capability and flexibility the Safariland ELS system offers but gives you a better belt. A stiff belt is a must to secure the weight of equipment, pistol, and ammo needed for 3 gun competition. The Safarland ELS belt is just not as stiff as it needs to be when loaded down with the gear needed on your typical 3 Gun stage. We use the Double Alpha premium competition belt because it has much more stiffness and rigidity than the Safariland belt. This setup gives you a belt with all the stability needed, combined with the modular convenience of the Safariland QLS/ELS system.

Our Modular Competition Belt allows you to easily configure the equipment on your belt specific to each 3 gun stage you encounter.  Why hump those shotshell carriers around if you’re not even using the shotgun on that stage? Why carry that heavy handgun on an all shotgun stage? Our belt is the answer.