White Sound Defense Light Conditioner


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Tactical Light Conditioner – prevents the adhesion of soot making lens cleaning simple. Conditions seals to improve water resistance. Rubber safe – won’t damage seals. Ultra clear – won’t distort light pattern.

In both training and deployment, tactical lights rapidly collect soot and debris from weapon discharge rendering them much less effective. This residue is difficult to remove which makes clearing the lens a chore in training and impractical in a tactical environment.

Tactical Light Conditioner is a blend of high grade siloxane oils intended to simplify maintenance and improve the performance of weapon mounted tactical lights. When applied properly to the lens, powder residue and soot can be cleared by simply wiping with a finger. The oil is also rubber safe and therefore appropriate for lubricating O-rings, rocker switches and pressure pad connectors to improve water resistance.

If you run a tactical light on your duty weapon, you should train with the light affixed to the gun. Tactical lights affect function, balance and ergonomics. If the light isn’t attached you are effectively training with a different weapon.

Clean the lens thoroughly. Apply one drop to O-rings and switch seals. Apply one drop to the lens of weapon mounted lights. Use a clean cloth to remove excess, leaving only a thin film. Allow to set for 1 hour. Applying too heavily to lens will disrupt light pattern. Do not apply to laser lens.

The practice of using regular gun oil on the lens is not recommended as it can degrade the seals around the lens allowing water infiltration. Standard gun oil can also scorch making the lens harder to clean.

If your lens is dirty before using the product, place a drop of water on the lens, and gently rub the soot off using a clean eraser on the back of a new #2 pencil. Once the product is properly applied, future cleanings will simply be a matter of wiping the lens with a finger or cloth and reapplying the lens conditioner.


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