Benelli Shotgun Antiwalk Trigger Group Pin



Tired of your Benelli shotgun trigger group pin not staying in place? Trying to keep it secured with tape or target pasters? Well, I got tired of it too, so I designed this anti-walk trigger pin. It is the permanent solution.

Cheap insurance and an economical, practical upgrade for your Benelli shotgun. Made from W1 tool steel for strength and durability.

Each package comes with one threaded trigger group pin, 3 set screws (1 is spare), and 2 1/16″ hex wrenches.

Remember to use a drop of blue loctite on your screws during installation. Also be sure and not overtighten the screws. The pin needs to be flat in the receiver. If the screws are too tight, it might be possible to compress the sides of the receiver in enough to bind the carrier and cause malfunctions.

Two models available: one fits the SBE3 and the other fits the M1/M2/Centro/Sport/SBE/SBEII.

The M1/M2/Centro/Sport/SBE/SBEII pin is .1745″ in diameter and 1.535″ long.  The M1/M2 pin will not fit the SBE3.

The SBE3 pin is .175″ in diameter and 1.373″ long.

Note: we have found our SBE3 pin will not work with some of the Cerakote finish SBE3s. Apparently the Cerakote they use is thick enough that it reduces the diameter of the trigger pin hole in the receiver as compared to the blued guns. You can carefully enlarge the hole with the proper size drill bit, but if you aren’t comfortable doing this, then hire a gunsmith. We cannot be responsible for damage resulting from the incorrect fitment of our parts.  


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M1/M2/Centro/Sport/SBE/SBEII, SBE3