Guga Ribas Backpack

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The Guga Ribas Full-Day-Shooting backpack makes it easy to carry all your shooting equipment, such as boxes of ammunition, two pistols in the GR Soft Gun Case, holster, ear protection, loader case, belt and other essential accessories for a full day’s competition. Designed by Guga Ribas to meet all the Practical Shooting athlete’s requirements, the backpack is perfectly balanced to withstand heavy loads and leaves the hands free.

The FDS backpack is made in waterproof fabric, with breathable lining on the back and shoulders. It has a light aluminum and MDF structure for more comfort and resistance while providing different compartments and divisions to meet the shooter’s personal requirements. Other important details for competition routine have also been included: a rubberized inside pocket with separate access for personal documents and tournament dockets, plus a special compartment to keep pistols, and double pockets (internal and external) for spent cartridge cases or small accessories.

Although it is called a Full-Day-Shooting backpack, the GR backpack can also be used for leisure activities, boating, camping or hiking. It is designed to easily carry heavy equipment that requires special care in an organized and safe manner. Color is black with yellow accents.