Recluse Tactical Adjustable Gas Block

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A Recluse Tactical adjustable gas blocks gives you the power to reduce the amount of recoil which results in faster follow up shots, less stress of parts, and less carbon build up.

Recluse Tactical adjustable gas blocks and adjustment screws are made out of high quality hardened 416 stainless steel. This hardened material is superior in strength to most common gas block materials. Recluse Tactical adjustable gas blocks are completely sealed meaning no exhaust ports or blow off holes that will mark the barrel or blow off gas into your hand while firing. They offer 4 position detent clicks with each turn of the adjustment screw which will aid in micro tuning of your rifle.

Although, adjustable gas blocks normally do not need to be cleaned there are always situations in which cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Recluse Tactical adjustable gas blocks are easily disassembled and cleaned by the user.

This is a low-profile adjustable gas block that fits AR15/AR10 barrels that have a .750″ gas pad diameter. The adjustment screw has a click detent locking mechanism. Unlike other adjustable gas blocks the adjustment screw is able to be removed without any issue to allow for complete cleaning of the gas system.


Material: 416 SS
Finish: Stainless Steel
Barrel Diameter: 0.750″
Weight: 1.46 oz.
Length: 1.15″
Attachment Type: Socket Head Cap Screws
Adjustment: Front of Block
Height: 1.426″
Width: .905″


Gas Block
(2) 6-32 x 1/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws
(2) Gas Tube Roll Pins
(1) 3/32 X 6″ L-Shaped Hex Keys
Installation Instructions

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Weight 4 oz