Taylor Freelance Extended Basepad for Glock


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Designed specifically for USPSA Limited Division this basepad provides up to +5 rounds of .40, +6 rounds of 9mm, with rock-solid retention and security. Requires an extended spring (either Wolff or ISMI is recommended). Ships with a Wolff spring so you’ve got everything you need to attach and go.

Because of the screw attached backplate, this basepad is great for duty use as well. You won’t have a “come-apart” with this basepad due to the security of the design.

Weight: 1.85 ounces
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black


This basepad is designed for full size Glocks factory double stack magazines such as the 17/22/34/35/45. It can be used on compact models such as the 19/23 but requires modification to work. Not recommended on magazines not manufactured by Glock.

There are at least five factory Glock magazine body variants, and roughly 11 followers for the 9mm alone. Some combinations will provide only +5+ in 9mm, or +4+ in .40.