AR15 Silicon Carbide Grip



Do you need something that literally guarantees a good grip with tactical gloves, or in an extremely wet environment? Try these silicon carbide coated grips and you’ll end up putting them on every AR you own. These grips are coated with 80 grit silicon carbide powder and provides the most aggressive grip surface you’ll find anywhere.

Available in the following models:

Hogue 15 Degree Vertical Grip – lightweight at only 1.7 oz. The 15 degree angle provides an effortless positioned grip advantage in close quarters situations that require the rifle to be square with the chest and for elbows to be tight to the body, forcing the hand into a sharper angle. Recessed dish area behind the trigger heightens comfort and creates a smooth transition for the finger to the trigger. Price is $39.95.

Magpul MOE Plus Grip – all the features of the MOE Plus grip. Application of the silicon carbide surface does not prohibit use of the storage core inside the grip. Price is $44.95.

Standard AR15 A1 Grip – if you’re a fan of the original A1 AR15 grip without the finger groove, this grip is for you. Price is $35.95.

Standard AR15 A2 Grip – if you’re a fan of the original A2 AR15 grip with the finger groove this grip, is for you. Price is $35.95.

Note: it may be necessary to remove some of the silicon carbide coating under the safety to ensure clearance. In the case of the MOE Plus grip we have removed material on both sides to allow for proper ambi thumb safety clearance.


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Weight 1 oz
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Hogue 15 Degree Vertical, Magpul MOE Plus, Standard A1, Standard A2