Manson Precision Glock Gun Safety Indicator


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A nicely machined red anodized aluminum safety barrel by Dave Manson Precision Reamers. Not sure if these were an offered product at one time or if these were a custom run. Similar to our Glock Instructor Safety Training Barrel, these are similar in the respect that the chamber end is closed to eliminate the possibility of live ammunition ending up in the gun. There is a small (roughly .22 caliber diameter and 3/8″ deep) hole in the muzzle end of the barrel.

These are very fit specific in the respect that they only work in Gen 3 Glock 22 guns. They might be modified or fit to work in other guns but we obviously cannot accept returns or offer refunds if someone attempts a refit with no success. These are solid and have some heft to them at almost 2 ounces each.


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