White Sound Defense Extractor Spring


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Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Extractor Depressor Plunger springs for all Glocks.
These are extra strength springs designed to increase extractor pressure by approximately 20% over the stock spring. The additional extractor pressure reduces the likelihood of a failure to extract when there is grit or carbon build-up in the chamber.

From a tactical perspective, a failure to extract is one of the most dire malfunctions. If the extractor fails to dislodge a spent case, the end result is typically a double-feed. In the best case, the operator must completely unload and reload the gun, in order to get it back up and running. In the worst case, the shell has been more tightly wedged into place by the double-feed. At that point, the shooter must resort to prying the shell out of the chamber or running a rod down the barrel.

Most other types of malfunctions can be cleared using a standard immediate action drill. It is our opinion, that a serious use firearm should be preferentially optimized to minimize the most difficult to resolve malfunctions. This heavy-duty spring serves that purpose.

Just like the stock springs, the ends of these heavy duty springs are ground flat to ensure that they do not misalign and cause excessive friction inside the plunger raceway. WSD strongly recommends only using extractor springs where the ends of the spring ground flat.

White Sound Defense extractor depressor plunger springs for Glocks are made from 17-7PH stainless steel. This material not only provides excellent fatigue properties, but just as importantly, provides excellent corrosion / rust resistance in the field.

These springs can be used with White Sound Defense’s H.R.E.D. plunger assemblies, as well as with stock Glock plunger assemblies.

We recommend the use of the most current Glock extractor.

No mechanical device will last forever. The more hostile the environment the more often springs and other components should be inspected. In a marine environment even stainless steel springs can experience some corrosion. Works with Gen 4 pistols.


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