Radian Weapons Talon 45/90 Degree Safety Selector


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The Radian Weapons (formerly AXTS) Talon Ambidextrous Safety Selector is a significant upgrade to any competitive, duty, or serious use rifle.

This is the TWO lever kit. Comes with one long and one short lever. The short lever is great for the support side of the rifle. It’s long enough to use quickly and effectively, but not so long that you make contact with it with the knuckle of your index finger.

The patent pending Talon 45/90 ambidextrous safety allows the shooter to easily switch from a 90 degree throw to a 45 degree short throw without removing the safety from the lower. The Talon also features a screw-less design so you never have to worry about levers coming loose or falling off. Made in the USA from 7075 aluminum, the Talon is engineered with the highest quality standards. AXTS offers the Talon in MIL-SPEC hard black anodized (type III).

Each kit comes with:

1 long and 1 short lever machined from 7075 aluminum
1 center cylinder machined from steel bar stock and hardened and plated with magnesium phosphate
1 hardened stainless selector detent
1 selector detent spring
3 spring/retention studs (you need only two — the kit comes with one extra)
1 installation tool


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