Shooter’s Guide to the 1911 Book


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This brand-new, completely revised and expanded Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to the 1911, 2nd Edition covers significant changes that have occurred in the 1911 world, including new makers, models, holsters and accessories, and ammunition choices.

  • New, up-to-date 1911 models
  • History and evolution of the 1911
  • Detailed reviews of new and historic models
  • 1911 ammo choices
  • Holsters and accessories for the 1911
  • All-new 16-page color section

The legendary 1911 is America’s gun, and a century after this iconic pistol first appeared, it is more popular than ever. Let Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to the 1911, 2nd Edition be your guide to choosing the best 1911 and accessories for your needs.


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